What Makes Caketastic Bouquets Different?


Caketastic Bouquets are truly gifts that keep on giving!  Being a witness to sparkles of happiness is a gift within itself. These edible arrangements are not just cupcakes mixed with flowers, but beautiful handcrafted arrangements that have the potential of generating just as much joy and excitement weeks, months, or even years later.   A gift that keeps giving back is the best gift of all, and here are some of the reasons why.

As a conscious consumer, I am a supporter of fair trade certified  sugar, cocoa powder, and chocolate. I like to buy Fair Trade Certified ingredients for my cupcakes, because it helps to guarantee that local organic farms continue to thrive. Because of fair trade, farm workers in different parts of the world are paid at least a minimum fair wage for their labor. It feels good knowing that my purchases are connected to the empowerment of someone else. As a result of companies who sell FTC products, there are many people who are given an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty due to us investing in their farms and communities. 

It feels good to know that Caketastic Bouquets is an eco-friendly business and values the importance of using our resources smartly, and more efficiently. So many products that we buy contribute to tons of material gone to waste every day. With every bouquet purchase, you are encouraged to reuse your clay pots or mason jars to plant your seeded flowers or herbs in them. 

It's time we started to learn how to grow our own food and medicine. In order for us to deviate from the conventional methods of greed, we must take the initiative to go green for change so that the future of this planet is a brighter one. Learning to grow our own herbs and vegetables is beneficial to us all for various reasons. It promotes sustainability, healthy living, and preserves mother nature. By offering different choices of seeded paper products, I hope to spark more of an interest in home gardening. This is especially appealing to those of us who oppose genetically modified foods and the companies that produce them. Herbs such as basil, rosemary, and thyme are just a few examples of the herbs offered. Every item sold will have basic step by step gardening instructions as well as a brief explanation of benefits associated with each herb, vegetable, or flower to be planted.

Pink Bouquet

Wildflower seeds are another choice offered when choosing the type of embedded seeds for your bouquet or cupcake order. Not only are they pretty to look at once they grow, but they also attract butterflies and bumblebees. This plays a major role in keeping our ecosystem balanced. Unfortunately, our bumblebees are disappearing due to the poisonous chemicals sprayed on our flowers. This is concerning because, bees pollinate a substantial fraction of the trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables on our planet. By planting wildflowers in your yard, there is more of an opportunity for these insects to reproduce as well as continue to naturally pollinate the environment. Feel free to check out my blog providing more information on the topic of "The Disappearing of The Bees."